BC Chitons
Source: Julia Sigwart


An earlier online key to B.C. chitons was prepared by Ms. Rian Dickson in 2004 during an internship at the RBCM.

Last Online Update on Aug 11, 2014

To identify your specimen:

  • Click on the character states to select them. As you select states the list of applicable taxa will narrow.
  • Character states that are greyed out either have no taxa associated with them or do not apply to the character states that are already selected
  • To see the character states of a taxa click beside the taxa name
  • To see taxa information click on the taxa name

This key is driven by SAIKS ©2006 Greg Alexander, based on SLIKS by Stinger.
This version of SAIKS contains elements from boo-saiks and has been modified for the Online Taxonomic Key Application under the GPL v2.